Cathedral Park (St. Johns)

What better way to celebrate the first glimpse of sunshine 2023 has to offer than a trip to Cathedral Park near St. Johns – one of my favorite scenic spots (remaining) in the Portland metro area? It might be the “7th most dangerous neighborhood” in the city, but I love it anyway.



My ridiculously talented daughter draws ridiculously cool stuff while we watch ridiculously stupid TV shows – 1883 in this case. I’m not sure where she gets it.

Random Video Games

Sonic the Hedgehog x Sanrio Blind Box Figurines Unboxing

I bought 8 Sonic the Hedgehog x Sanrio Blind Box Figurines from Entertainment Earth in hopes of getting the entire set of 4. Will 8 be enough, or will I have to buy more? I hope so, because they’re ALL SOLD OUT!


RIP Johnie’s Coffee Shop

Historic Culture Monument status be damned, one of the coolest and arguably most iconic buildings in Los Angeles is now nothing more than a destroyed shell of its former glory.

Nearly covered in Bernie Sanders propaganda, Johnie’s Coffee Shop on the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax is worth the visit to see what once was, as well as what never will be again. Another sad (structural) commentary on the decline of even the hippest corners of America.

Johnie’s features prominently in several famous films, including:

The Big Lebowski

American History X

Reservoir Dogs

Now it’s only this:

Johnie's Coffee Shop With Bernie Sanders Leftovers (3360)

A persistent reminder that the third horse to enter the race diluted the vote and brought us 4 years of spray tan politics.